SafeSpace Project Mission Statement

Watch a 3 min video with an overview by Robert D. Miles, SafeSpace Founder, filmed in Germany during the filming of Timestream Pictures film FASTWALKERS They are here.

Safespace is a collection of individuals worldwide from every walk of life, every age, every nationality and every race who are working together to make Planet Earth a better place for all life forms. Safespace Team Members are dedicated to making planet Earth a garden planet. Just imagine for a moment… a long moment… a planet Earth where all people can live together harmoniously without war, insanity, or violence. Safespace team members believe that life is an adventure and that we have a God-given right to live on planet Earth in a spirit of love, companionship and mutual admiration.

Currently Safespace Team members are working on two important projects that are taking place on a worldwide basis. The creation of one of the most advance ocean going sailing and motor vessel which will be a totally self contained survival vessel with a length of approximately 98 feet and have accommodation for over 24 individuals and family’s. This ship will be designed and build by Robert D. Miles and the Safespace Team. For more information please email my at

A History of the origins of Robert’s Douglas Miles’s  Safespace Book.

Safespace for the purpose of historical clarity was first defined by Robert D. Miles in a lecture  styled presentation based on his own interpretation and in his own words given at a collage in Tempe, Arizona, to e large group of attendee’s who came due to their individual intrests.

These attendees came as a result of either seeing posters put out by various people, as well as people who had purchased and read his book which was at that time in a manuscript formate called Safespace that has  been originally copyrighted in that formate. 

Later that manuscript/book was reformatted and publish by Robert as a trade publication book entitled Safespace with a four color cover in association with I IUniverse INC. in New York City. USA. This edition of the Safespace book was copyrighted by Robert D. Miles again in 2003.

Once completed and offered for sale, SAFESPACE was them promoted by Robert himself by doing spoken lectures at various bookstores, events and various radio talk show including a three hour show with Art Bell on the Premier Radio Network.

This particular show with Art Bell who already maintained a regular multi-million listener rating worldwide listener rating soared to over ten million listeners.. Sales soared to record numbers for Robert as he was an author without and agent and was sell what was a the time called a Vanity Press book,,  (An author published and promoted book} to a near record  sales number of of over 8,000 copies in less than tree months time.

As sales of the book continued the record number of people who purchase Safespace a wonderful thing happened. A young actress who was well known to producers in Hollywood read the Safespace book and was so impressed by it she passed it on, to a well know and successful producer. 

Almost immediately Robert’s world changed dramatically.Within weeks after reading Safespace it was optioned by that Producer Producer Michael Guskoff., Michael was at that time not only well known as he had already produced previous motion pictures successfully, several of them had been done with Columbia Pictures.

 Then once his option contract with Robert was finalized he immediately took the Safespace book directly to the then President of  Columbia Pictures Motion Pictures Studios, and after a short period where he held discussions on making a Safespace motion picture. 

After a series of meeting with Peter Gerber, both  Michael and Robert signed an option agreement and   shortly thereafter, a film production, promotion and distribution budget of three million dollars as allocated and approved by Peter Guber and Producer Michael Guskoff and Robert D. Miles. This Option included hiring Robert D, Miles as a Screenwriter which continued for two years and was signed and dated on or about 1972.

By comparison the three million dollars allocated by Columbia Pictures Motion Pictures Studios was huge in comparison to other science fiction films when even three years later the hugely successful Star Wars film total budget ended up being 1.6 Million Dollars. 

After a number of failed attempts to satiety Peter it became obvious  that they still did not have a script in hand that could be done, as keeping the team on salaried positions had resulted in a large amount of the budget having been already spent in what is known as devilment stage.  At that point the project was dropped and after a long period the rights to the ownership of the SAFEPACE story rights were terminated and those ownership rights were returned to Robert.


Sources of the budget amounts are by IMDB.{ International Movie Data Base} of the Motion Picture Industries.. In Robert’s original contract and given a approved credit as a  Story Contributor and stayed on a  Salaried position while attending story writing and interview conference meeting at Columbia Picture/s studio complex in Burbank, California along with Peter Guber and Michael Guskoff on and off for two years.

During this  time period a Hollluood Screenwriter,, Wallen Green and a Hollywood Director, Douglas Trumbuff were hired and script meetings were held and both Wallen Green an accredited Motion Picture Guild Member and Director Douglas Trumbull who was also an accredited Motion Picture Guild Member, were paid for working on the Safespace  film, by Columbia Pictures Motion Pictures.

Robert D. Miles is currently a well known and established Motion Picture Executive Producer, a Producer, a Director, a Hollywood Screenwriter,, with certified  credits by IMDB.   Listed below is a direct link to Robert’s numerous film and documentary credits and other various and aod other sundry credits which can be verified by viewing his IMDB listing on the link below.

Safespace book by Robert D. Miles  on Amazon. 

IMDB link for Robert D. Miles film Maker