SafeSpace Future Projects

Classes conducted by Captain Robert D. Miles.

The Safespace One Project is an opportunity for individuals and families to adapt to s “Sea based lifestyle” far away from the crime, food shortages, and chaos of what life is becoming here in the United States and other countries of our modern world.
Together we will build an ocean going vessel and engage in a community based way of life of assisting each other to achieve our maximum potential.

Future Events and Team Training:

  • The “Live-Aboard” Lifestyle.
  • Basic Seamanship
  • Modern Gold Mining Technology
  • Owning and Maintaining your own cruising vessel
  • Buying a boat for cruising on offshore waters.

Time and place to be announced when available.

SafeSpace Past Projects

Here is a series of photos from our organic farm called “Mile High Ranch” in northeastern Arizona. The greenhouse was made from salvaged glass doors and helped heat the house as well as the plants during the cold high desert nights. The house was a log cabin, moved in from over 65 miles, using a house mover. We had our own 10 KW generator, as well as solar, for our electric. Our produce was sold to health food stores in Phoenix, Arizona, a trip of over a hundred miles to market.

Our windmill was reconstructed after discovering it in a junkyard ready to be scrapped. Built in 1931, it was a relic from the Texas oil fields and once erected, pumped over one thousand galleons of water per hour and was the largest windmill in the state of Arizona.