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The Lycandroids saga is based upon a real, violent, and virtually unknown beast.

Lycandroids, SuperSoldiers and the Freedom War: The Saga of the Post-Apocolyptic Freedom Wars Paperback
After WW2 the Pentagon initiated a secret Super Soldier experimental weapon that was spawned in a Nazi Fourth Reich laboratory deep in the bowels of the earth near Dulce, New Mexico in cooperation with the off-planet OverLords.
In late 2012 the anonymous hackers launched the Vendetta Virus that brought down every computer system and microchip-embedded device in the entire world. Then came the Freedom War when the people of planet Earth rebelled against the bankers and giant corporations that had enslaved them for almost a century.
Virtually every country of the world, in 2014, is in chaotic anarchy. Humankind faces the grim reality of struggling for survival, not only against other humans, but primarily against what may be the strongest and most vicious monster on land…the Lycandroid!
Lycandroids are one of the most dangerous and terrifying beasts humankind has ever encountered…with the superhuman strength, blood lust, biologic adaptability, and intelligence capability to eliminate vast numbers of humans.
It is a bipedal wolfen monster that can stand over seven feet tall, walks on its hind legs, and possesses the strength of ten strong adult human males. It is a very real creature that everyone needs to be aware of. Your life may depend on it!

Modern Gold Miner and Treasure Hunter Magazine

Robert Douglas Miles was at one time the Publisher, Photographer and Writer for the first and highest quality Gold Mining and Prospecting magazine in the. World.

Below are three cover images of that magazine which went on to become
Highly acclaimed in the gold mining industry as well as highly popular in the late 1980’s.

Genesis of the Space Race: The Inner Earth and the Extra Terrestrials

Finally, this story can be told!!! John B. Leith is an unacknowledged hero who was only 26 years old when WW II was over and he had left the service of the allied forces in Europe.

In this book John describes 12 of his 62 missions behind enemy lines rescuing prisoners. Once retired from the military John was ordered by the US government not to reveal anything of his combat service until after his death (1998). Now at last his true story is being told. .

Several of his missions described in this book involve sacred relics of the Christian era. They seemed to protect his team in the ongoing struggle between the forces of good and evil.”  

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Timestream Pictures Motion Pictures And Books. Movies Playing Hitler’s Escape To Argentina, Fastwalkers, Safespace Project, UDOs Chronicles, DVDs and Aliens. Timestream Pictures is exposing the lies, and cover-ups of the media, and the NWO. 

Exposed! Hitler did not die in the Berlin bunker!

Adolf Hitler and hundreds of his most senior commanders escaped to South America at the end of World War 2. Even more shocking, proof that the Allied governments knew he was still alive and helped conceal the truth that he was living in Argentina with his wife, Eva Braun Hitler.

Compelling evidence is revealed, based on the best selling book, “Hitler In Argentina” by Harry Cooper, President and Founder of Sharkhunters International. Cooper is the world’s leading authority on the escape of, not only Adolf and Eva, but also Martin Bormann, Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, and many other top ranking Nazi officers including Klaus Barbie, the notorious “Butcher of Lyon”, who was recruited as an agent for the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps.

Cooper also tells of the “Black U-Boats” and their covert mission to transport, not only escaping

Germans, but billions of dollars in art treasures and gold. Also revealed is latest information on

Germany’s “Wonder Weapons”, the Nazi Bell, Flying Disks, and the shocking history regarding the German base in Antarctica. DVD-R, 129 Minutes NTSC, 2014

Alien Intervention – with Travis Walton and Donald Ware

From the creators of FASTWALKERS THEY ARE HERE and OPEN FILES, Timestream Pictures brings you this never before seen interview with Travis Walton as he tells his story in his own words.

Also see Donald M. Ware, Lt Col USAF (Ret), ten years Florida State Director and MUFON Eastern Regional Director — then 18 years as a Director of the International UFO Congress. He discussed Underground bases, Alien-Human Hybrids, the Atlantis Connection, Bigfoot encounters, and the levels of consciousness to contact alien spirits.  2015, DVD-R, 132 mins.